Harbor Freight Coupons

Harbor Freight Coupons

Harbor Freight Coupons



Harbor Freight Printable Coupon
Printable Coupons for Harbor Freight to save on various items plus free item coupons and a 20% off coupon.
For online 20% off single item at harborfreight.com Use Coupon code: 16020081
Expires: March 31, 2015

Harbor Freight Inside Track Coupons
Harbor Freight insider Track printable coupon for various items at Harbor Freight
Expires: March 31, 2015

Harbor Freight Digital Savings Printable Coupon
Harbor Freight discounts for digital savings coupons
Expires: 03/31/2015

Extra Savings Harbor Freight Printable Coupons 
Get extra savings coupons to use at your local stores
Expires: March 31, 2015

Harbor Freight Monthly Coupon
Harbor Freight print coupon for month coupon in-stores.
Expires: 03/31/2015

20% off Plus Super Coupons
Print various coupons and 20% off at Harbor Freight.
Expires: 3/09/2015

18 Volt Cordless 1/2″ Drill Driver with Keyless Accessories and Super Coupons
Printable coupon for 18 Volt cordless 1/2″ drill/driver with keyless chuck and super coupons for in-store.
Expires: March 31, 2015

Angele Grinder and Accessories
Print coupon for Angle Grinder and accessories
Expires: 03/31/2015

Reciprocating Saw and Accessories
Print various Reciprocating saw and accessories coupons for blades and etc.
Expires: March 31, 2015

Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool and Accessories
Get coupon for Oscillating Multifunction power tools and accessories.
Expires: March 31, 2015

Harbor Freight SmartSource Coupons
Scroll through the SmartSource ad weekly and you usually could find Harbor Freight Coupons.

Harbor Freight Free Items Printable Coupon with any purchase (YMMV)
Free 6″ Magnetic Parts Holder [Expires: 03/01/2015]
Free 7 Function Digital Multimeter No Purchase Required [Expires: 03/01/2015]
Free Pittsburgh 6″ Magnetic Parts Holder No Purchase Required [Expires: 03/01/2015]
Free 6 piece screwdriver set No Purchase Required [Expires: 03/01/2015]
Free 4 Piece Pick and Hook Set [Expires: 03/09/2015]
Free Utility Knife [Expires: 03/09/2015]
Free 1/4″ x 50 Poly Rope [Expires: 03/09/2015]
Free 4″ Magnetic Parts Holder [Expires: 03/09/2015]
Free Split leather Safety Colored Work Gloves 1 Pair [Expires: 03/11/2015]
Free Multipurpose Scissors [Expires: 03/11/2015]
Free 27 LED portable Worklight/Flashlight [Expires: 03/11/2014]
Free Four Outlet Power Strip [Expires: 03/16/2015]
Free 4 Piece Funnel Set [Expires: 03/16/2015]
Free 18″ Magnetic Tool Holder [Expires: 03/16/2014]
8″ Cable Ties Pack of 100 [ Expires: 03/16/2015]
Free 4″ Magnetic Parts holder No Purchase Required [Expires: 03/17/2015]
Free Split Leather Safety Colored Work Floves 1 Pair No Purchase Required [Expires: 04/01/2015]
Free 27 Led Portable Worklight/Flashlight No Purchase Required [Expires: 04/01/2015]
Free 5Ft 6″ x 7 FT 6″ All Purpose Weather Resistant Tarp [Expires: 04/01/2015]
Free 3 1/2 Super Bright Nine Led Aluminum Flashlight with No Purchase Required [Expires: 04/09/2015]
Free Pittsburgh 1″ x 25ft Tape Measure with No Purchase Required [Expires: 04/09/2015]
Free Multipurpose Scissors with No Purchase Required [Expires: 04/09/2015]
Free 5 Ft 6″ 7 Ft 6″ All Purpose Weather Resistant Tarp No Purchase Required [Expires: 04/09/2015]
Free 6 Piece ScrewDriver Set [Expires: 05/01/2015]
Free 6 Piece Detail Brush Set [Expires: 05/04/2015]

Harbor Freight Deal of the Week Printable Coupon
Print coupon for Harbor Freight Deal of the day coupons
Expires: None

Harbor Freight FaceBook Coupons
Like Harbor Freight on facebook to get Harbor Freight offers, specials, and coupons

Harbor Freight Weekly Flyers
View Harbor Freight Weekly Ads for specials, discounts, promotions, and savings.

For Harbor Freight coupon Codes Click Here


  1. I love using the free coupons to get some free items at the store. I got almost half of the stuff. I usually show the coupon on my phone usually.

  2. My husband and I love the free coupons. We are always going in to pick the items up that we get coupons for. Of course, we always find great deals when we get to the store and end up buying something too.
    My list of what I want from their is every growing. Trust me, men and women can both find items there. My husband purchased my favorite knife for the kitchen from Harbor Freight.

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