Harry & David: Maverick® Royal Riviera® Pears for $13

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Livingsocial is offering the Harry & David: Maverick® Royal Riviera® Pears for $13.

The original price is $27
The Deal price is: $13

Best Seller: More than 158,000 sold through LivingSocial!

Share and enjoy the gift of expertly tended, juicy, and butter-smooth pears grown in the heart of Southern Oregon:

• $13 ($26.95 value) for a box of Maverick® Royal Riviera® Pears
• Each five-pound box includes approximately nine pears
• These pears are beloved for their delicate, smooth flavor

“Best pears this side of almost anywhere.” – LivingSocial Member

Why You’ll Love It
Royal Riviera® Pears are delicate and require a very specific climate in which to grow, which makes the warm days and cool nights of Southern Oregon ideal for cultivating this famous fruit. The sweet flavor, buttery texture, and extreme juiciness of these pears are what make them so delicious. Every one is handpicked and packed to arrive at your door in perfect condition.

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